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Vlora International Airport April 2025.

Vlora International Airport (VIA)

is expected to start flights in March or April 2025.

Airport of the highest category in the Balkans

The airport is of category 4E, one of the highest categories in the Balkans, as this category can also handle transoceanic aircraft.

Vlora International Airport in the first year of operation will have more passengers than was predicted in its feasibility study. From the forecast in the business plan for only 330 thousand passengers in 2025, with the growth rate of tourism in Albania, it is certain that Vlora Airport will be able to receive more than 1 million passengers in 2025!

The airport will be covered with solar panels, taking measures to avoid problems with the reflections of the panels during landing and takeoff of planes at the airport. The panels will produce 5.2 megawatts of renewable energy, all of which will go to the airport's needs.

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