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Butrint National Park

Butrint is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Albania. It’s one of the most popular attractions and is the most visited UNESCO world heritage site in the country.

Butrint has been inhabited since prehistoric times; its long and rich history includes being occupied by the Greeks, Romans and Venetians.

It effortlessly blends history with nature, as the site is located amidst marshes, Lake Butrint, and stunning open plains which make up the national park. Climb the Venetian tower to view the splendour of Butrint’s amazing location.

Attractions to see inside Butrint include a Roman theatre, Temple, and Forum to name a few. There’s also a museum on site where you can read about the ancient history of this beautifully preserved city.

Entrance costs 1000 LEK, ($9), per person, and it’s best to arrive here first thing as it can get incredibly warm, and the crowds intensify as the day goes on. We arrived at 8 am when the park opened and it was definitely a great time to arrive judging by the size of the queue when we left.

It’s one of the most unique places to visit in Albania. If you’re staying in Saranda or Ksamil, you simply can’t miss Butrint, as it’s just a short trip down the coast. Have a look at this high-rated day trip from Saranda which takes in Butrint and many other beautiful sights. Get your Transfer From Airport

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